Polenta With Red Sauce

there was this bag of organic polenta that i had bought for when i made a corn meal pizza crust. i had never made actual polenta before. since i was still working the empty fridge, and making do with what i had.  polenta it was going to be. i made a lovely salad with the last of the raw veggies. i thawed some meat sauce. i made polenta. simply measure out the polenta.  measure the required water and boil, add polenta, salt and stir.  it gets thick.  how easy and how fun! i think it would be interesting to make it with stock or add mushrooms to it.  i topped it with meat sauce and added fresh ground parmesan. not bad for working with what i had!  red sauce recipe will follow soon



The Empty Fridge Club

the empty fridge club.

how long and how far can I go utilizing what i have on hand.

has one get very very creative.

i normally don’t place things for my daily salad so in order or so in the round.

too funny.

bok choy, carrots, purple cabbage, green onion, yellow bell pepper, dried cranberries, and olives

salad dressing was made with a champagne citrus vinegar with a scoodge of soy sauce and dry parsley

Cod With Red Potato And Dill

i had gotten way too many potatoes for a single gal to eat and found myself needing to cook them all before they went too soft. i used some with this fish dish. the rest i made into potato salad. today’s daily salad was mixed greens,celery, carrot shreds, goat cheese – a few olives, splash of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  i poach my fish in dry white wine for 8 minutes. top with a small bit of butter, capers and lemon. the potato had butter,  white pepper, dill and fresh chive. i adore the fresh chive in spring

( this set i shot all with north window light