About Hanrahan

once upon a time.

about 10 years ago.


i started to blog.

I blogged about wellness.

an element of that blog included recipes.

because even back then folks seemed to like what i made for dinner.

go figure.

what was missing.

at least for me,

was the creative piece.

the photography.

i cook daily. scratch cook. i find cooking very meditative.

i post images of what i make for dinner almost every day in social media.

folks always ask me for the recipe.

makes me smile.

i am not a chef.

but i love to cook.

i eat veggie centric.


i admit to one stop shopping syndrome.

i loathe the grocery store.

i live on a strident and low cost food budget.

i am especially talented at making do with what i have.

I grocery shop just twice a month.

i could do better in the ways i do things.

everyone can always do better.

i have a weakness for potato chips and chocolate.

i am a self taught creator; collage artist and narrative photographer.

recently i moved to a country studio nestled in the foothills of the cascades.

i have this amazing window that offers me the most tremendous light.

this blog is a place to post my recipes and practice my food photography.

my name is karen hanrahan

you can call me hanrahan.

lots of folks do.

i am an introvert,  rather quirky and i take way way too many photographs.

the image below was taken during the first week of my move here. it was a moment when i decided to look in the mirror. i thought yup, i look like i feel. a mess






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