Zucchini Feta Pancakes

in the early 90’s when i had started to be more veggie centric and scratch cook,there was a cookbook that i learned a lot from.  mollie katzen’s moosewood cookbook.  i fell head over heals in love with this zucchini feta pancakes recipe.

currently i am practicing my food image taking. i am looking at what i can see, what story i can tell, how the light in here works naturally, observing the challenges

like where the electrical outlets are.ugh

making dinner with pause was something i began when i was a single mom. letting voice mail pick up the phone, allowing time just to make, prepare and to create hearth. it’s meditative to me.

this recipe is easy. it does have some steps that require patience though.

like grating zucchini and then squeezing the moisture out of them. i’ve actually never ever done that for this recipe.  the squeezing part. ooops/

whipping egg whites.  i remember when someone showed me how to separate the whites from the yolks in my hand vs using the egg shell. so much easier.  did you kn0w that freezing your whipping bowl helps when whipping whites?

The part that takes the most patience ever. at least to me  is frying the pancakes to crisp. the waiting is like torture. i began using a timer and walking away. so much better than waiting.



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