Tofu Veggie Stir Fried Rice

when i was a girl we use to get take out chinese stir fried rice.  it had egg in it. one day i stumbled on how to make the eggy strips i loved so much from that dish.  I also remembered that it had tons of green onion in it – so now, my “go to” recipe for stir fried rice is like tasting a fond memory. when i figure out how they make their bbq pork, i will let you know.

for protein sources i use: steak,pork, chicken or tofu — this version was for tofu – be sure to set the tofu aside wrapped in a cloth between two plates with something heavy on it to get the moisture out of it. at least 30 minutes.

my taste secret for really great rice is to cook it in chicken,mushroom, beef or veggie stock. when i was feeding more folks i made my own stock. now i just buy it. 1 cup rice ( a basmati brown rice is good, jasmine also rocks), 2 cups organic stock. bring to a boil, simmer for 35-45 minutes.  turn off and let sit for at least 10 minutes. fluff.

to make eggy strips – heat a large skillet, add oil – then add a bit more oil. beat 3 eggs, pour into hot oil – should look like a pancake – as it cooks it gets fluffy and sits on top of the oil. when cooked through, flip. cook other side. cut into strips, remove and set aside.

After you make the eggy strps — in the same pan – add more oil, add lots of garlic, dry mustard, ginger, sirachi sauce, and soy sauce

( substitutions could include green or red curry, black bean paste, and or other prepared seasonings )

add your basic veggies — onion, including serrano for heat  – a must in my opinion, and mushrooms.

add meat or tufu

add additional veggies that need less cook time as you go.

potential combinations are endless.

i like classic combo’s

steak, mushroom and broccoli

snow peas and mushrooms

i love to add purple cabbage

bok choy

swiss shard

I usually make the rice first, make the eggy strips, prep the pan for the stir fry, and then when the rice is done i make the rest.

i prefer a tender crisp veggie.

when veggies are done

add rice, add more soy sauce – i actually use tamari sauce ( less sodium)

combine, top with eggy strips and green onion

cilantro can also work with this dish.

( in this set i shot images under the light of the stove, and some using the north window.  i could really tell the difference in the color of the light. from now on i will practice using only the window light – the stove lighting was too yellow)


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